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Image for anime mult Slayers

Year: 1995

Genre: shounen, adventures, mysticism

Type: tv_series

Producer: Watanabe Takashi

Autor: Kanzaka Hajime

Studio: Easyfilm

Time: min

Description of Slayers

When impenetrably stupid warrior Gabr Gauri decided to save the red-haired girl from the evil robbers,he did not know who to contact. After all, this "girl" was Lina Inverse, the most powerful, greedy and flat-chested magician in the world! Gauri soon realized his mistake - when the "defenseless" Lina one spell killed a huge dragon. But by the time the soldier has already agreed to spend a Woman to the city of Atlas, and the couple went on a long journey.However, the trip had to be postponed when Gauri and Lina learned that he was to him the statuette - the key to the resurrection of the great demon! ranobe Slayers from Kanzaka Hajime.

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