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Sket Dance

Image for anime mult Sket Dance

Year: 2011

Genre: school, daily, shounen

Type: tv_series

Producer: Kawaguchi Keiichiro

Autor: Sinohara Kenta

Studio: Tatsunoko

Time: 25 min

Description of Sket Dance

In certain Japanese school has a club high school students, which comprise a very active girl,a guy with a developed intuition and a computer genius, but later they were translated and a student... That`s just the guys are not concerned Esper inomiryane and aliens from the future - they are ready to accept any request, including the normal people. These are our heroes - the club of the good offices of the Academy Kaymey. You there, if you want to find the lost,self-esteem, to deal with the offender, to win a tournament or just to take care of a pet, which is not an easy brought directly to the school! The head of the team Yusuke Fujisaki named Bossun, altruist, an artist and a sniper, a big fan of the detective genre. Wearing glasses and famous deep in meditation,guy can catch up with the mind of Sherlock Holmes and collect any mosaic of disparate facts that delivers another member of the club, the original hacker Kazuyoshi Usui Switch on the nickname. For the power of the responsible local Amazon Hime Onizuka, she Himeko, she`s Princess Demons. And when you consider that the curator of the club is a chemistry teacher,typical mad scientist, it becomes clear why the "helpers" in the school are respected and feared. You have problems? Then wait, Bossun and the company will soon be!

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Sket Dance Wallpaper Album Anime
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