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Sisters of Wellber Zwei

Image for anime mult Sisters of Wellber Zwei

Year: 2008

Genre: steampunk, adventures, shounen

Type: tv_series

Producer: Hamana Takayuki

Autor: Kigami Yoshiji

Studio: Transarts

Time: 25 min

Description of Sisters of Wellber Zwei

The second season has completed the cycle of adventures the young princess and a former thief, who travels in time become best friends.It was anticipated by the main intrigue in relation to the parents of Tina killer Lauter, stopped another war, and indeed, a lot of things happened. In the first season there were moments that can cause worry or rejoice for heroes. In the second season they became a little more, add love, parting and associated experiences.But the most surprising to me was the ending. Frankly, for a long time I could not believe that this is, in principle, easy, and fun anime will give as the minor mood. In general, I did not regret time spent on viewing time, though in connection with the evaluation and review was skeptical. Well,History Uellber was not without flaws, but it is very hard working, and most importantly, able to captivate and draw the viewer into their world. Is this not a sign of good anime?

Images and photos of Sisters of Wellber Zwei

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