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Silent Mobius

Image for anime mult Silent Mobius

Year: 1998

Genre: adventures, fantasy, comedy

Type: tv_series

Producer: Tonokatsu Hideki

Autor: Asamiya Kia

Studio: Radix

Time: 23 min

Description of Silent Mobius

Not too smart and not too much pretending series. Something between a Gunsmith Cats, EatMan, Darkside Blues and Nightwalker - what might be called " anime starring ". The main outdoor story - fighting monsters from another world - a parallel Earth planet Nemesis - already after the first few episodes smooth transition to private life characters, and then acquires the general value of something minor. Hints for successful development and completion of the main story provides a great variety -but all the pieces of the puzzle have not joined into a single picture, leaving a feeling of unreasonable expectations. Inside the plot - the so-called " private life " characters - sin predictable and relatively high degree of banality displayed feelings, emotions and actions, which, again, does not play in favor of the appreciation of this show. Heroes -that is, the heroine - are quite linear, which becomes clear from the first minute and did not develop over the series. Kiddie Phenyl - a daredevil with a difficult past, Lebiya Maverick - indifferent computer genius, We Yamigumo - right girl samurai, Yuki Saiki - the eternal child, Cheng Lum - eternal naughty child,Katsumi Liker - a man from the rock, denoted the proverb " still waters run deep " - that part of feminine and, in contrast, even from those shown in the Sol Bianka, quite boring team. With monsters fighting, based on the principle of " all for one " and prove to each other because of their friendship,causing the audience is not displayed admiration for the depth of feeling and the desire to yawn in the whole mouth. But every barrel of tar there is a drop of honey. And you can find attractive features in every series. Wonder Grosspoliner sword, is a magic devaysom Katsumi Liker, who can speak and similar assembled on a cow skull. Song,sung by children playing in the memories We Yamigumo. Love for Yuki Saiki man named Toru Vasio, zipped them through the years. Funny relations and warm friendship Kiddie Phenyl and Ralph Bombers. And the atmosphere of the city, poisoned by acid rain. This series deserves to be. It is not a masterpiece,but deny its existence should not be. How not to watch it, expecting to see a story about high feelings or unusual characters. Expecting something more than a set of randomly selected stories rather banal, though not devoid of the charm of sschestvovanii in one of the prospective future of the world.

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