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Shugo Chara Party!

Image for anime mult Shugo Chara Party!

Year: 2009

Genre: school, romance, shoujo

Type: tv_series

Producer: Yasuda Kenji|tamakawa Tatsuhimi

Autor: Peach Pit

Studio: Satelight

Time: 25 min

Description of Shugo Chara Party!

12-year-old Amu Hinamori finishes last, the sixth grade of primary school Seyo. The main character of the series, together with the faithful guardian chara Ran, Miki, Su, and Daiya gone a long way to protect their home school,dreams and desires of their peers. And indeed the Amu matured and gained the qualities of a dream come true that once were her little friends. Hinamori - Seyo one of the leaders, and for good reason takes the school board chair Joker - her diverse talents to help solve any problem. Now the girl concerned serious things - for example,for someone to leave the school, because in the end, the Council of Guardians is leaving her almost at full strength... However, the holy place is never empty, and the current members of the Board grows a worthy replacement. Only with the staff still needs to work - which is a second-form girl Ricca, who can speak with any X-egg! more effort and mind - the price would not be her. And here at podtyanuvshegosya of the young genius Hikaru Keepers of the situation is reversed - this must be taught first and foremost to communicate with people. And most of the Amu is high time to clarify, finally, matters of the heart. In short, the new season promises to be very interesting!. Broadcast of the series consisted of two parts.At the beginning of each episode is a short story Shugo Chara! Pucchi-Pucchi! Life Chara-keepers, then - just a series (13 minutes), a new season Shugo Chara! Dokki Doki! All this combined with the introduction and interludes performed by live actors and the show is Shugo Chara! Party!

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