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Image for anime mult Shuffle!

Year: 2005

Genre: ecchi, harem, comedy

Type: tv_series

Producer: Hosoda Naoto

Autor: Kuvasima Esikadzu

Studio: Asread

Time: 25 min

Description of Shuffle!

One day, as a result of an unexplained phenomenon opened the gates of the world of the Gods and the Demon World, which flooded the world of fellows.* 10 years have passed * Race successfully assimilated, and our hero (a regular guy - ha, who would doubt) Tsuchiya Rin (nicknamed "Tsuchiya") wakes up in a world where every third person is the owner of the ears, which would have envied most compelling elf. At Rina has no parents, once upon a time they were killed in a car crash,as well as the mother of his childhood friend Qaeda, with which he lives under the same roof. A friend does all the housework, but Rin does not seem to notice his welfare. Qaeda, the first with whom we get to know the girls, but it is by no means the last representative of the fair sex in the Shuffle!

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