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Shiki AMV

Image for anime mult Shiki AMV

Year: 2011

Genre: music, action

Type: amv

Producer: Suzuki Youhei|ishida Miyuki

Autor: Ishida Miyuki

Studio: J C Staff

Time: min

Description of Shiki AMV

Novays: Well, again, I held on to the deadline (and right up to the second). Hopetime spent justified result. While the video is rendered write small novelku: The idea of the clip appeared a long time ago, or rather only its essence: " push the heater in the freezer, turn and see who wins " - figuratively, of course:). In fact, like any terry Makhach with fountains of blood, pieces of meat (some nudity), and so on.d + main horse: two completely opposite reaction force. Well, the song was enthusiastic, too, lacked only the main source. For the first time, everything changed as soon as unexpectedly came across Shiki: " just right " - I noticed after a couple of series. In his mind immediately I came up with the antipode vompiram - their legitimate " food ", not ordinary fellows,and what some professional psycho - maniacs. Now it was all (where to get the killers, I do not think - they all seemed in bulk), but only: lost leisure time. So I had not started the clip, if after the last Akrossa not looked into the registration subject to Level Up.By coincidence through circumstances at this time Chiropractor osvobidilos two seats for the post novaysa... A week and a half has already begun work on the clip. And then I went to a series of calving: the source turned out to be unfit for longitudinally ideas, maniacs ppryatalis cubbyhole on n- tion series, and messing around with a bunch of masks was not hunting...Rendering coming to an end, it is necessary to be brief). Most importantly, I want to express gratitude to the chiropractor. Namuchalas with me probably sick of how many times scolded many times explained the most that neither is on the base. In general, anyone can not find a particular clip in Level Up- a, but it is huge for me. Too bad not everyone had time to implement,and even from the initial idea a little left, but I hope not bad happened. 2011, February 25, 23: 19.Pro: Unfortunately I do not have time to fully realize what was originally planned, but I hope at least this practice will help in the future to do novaysu good urovnya.InformatsiyaAnime clips: ShikiMuzyka: Rob Zombie - Draqula, Graveworm -ReflectionNagrady: Best clip in the genre of Horror / Thriller at the competition Level Up 2011

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