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Image for anime mult Shiki

Year: 2010

Genre: vampires, seinen, horrors

Type: tv_series

Producer: Amino Tetsuro

Autor: Ono Fuyumi

Studio: Doumu

Time: 23 min

Description of Shiki

The village Sotoba lost in the Japanese mountain wilderness, and at the end of the XX century does not give the advancing civilization. Yes, the old go, but some of the young, as the tenth grade Megumi Shimizu,dream right after school to run in the metropolis. But there are others - for example, 32 -year-old Toshio Ozaki returned home and led a rural clinic and family Natsuno generally moved from the city closer to nature. Life in the outback flows quietly and peacefully,however, the appearance of the mysterious inhabitants of the newly constructed " manor " house on the hill shook the district and gave food for gossip to all - from the longing for glamor Shimizu to the last village gossips. This is only interesting news news came much worse... At the height of the August heat, the dayshas long been an institution for the holidays and divination, the village people are starting to die. The first victim was too curious Megumi, it was followed by others. Initiated investigation revealed - the causes of mass deaths at all in the mysterious epidemic, it is much confusing... and worse. Increasingly gloomy eyes are turning to the house on the hill,deeper fear penetrates the soul. Dr. Ozaki and other locals have not lost courage, give yourself a vow to understand the secret and go to the end. Their fate will decide the magnificent imagination of the author of "The Twelve Kingdoms »!

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