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Image for anime mult Shangri-La

Year: 2009

Genre: fiction

Type: tv_series

Producer: Bessho Makoto

Autor: Ikegami Eiiti

Studio: Tokyo Kids

Time: min

Description of Shangri-La

In the middle of XXI century due to the greenhouse effect, the world finally struck by an environmental disaster. The new owners, hide themselves in the " cities of the future", control the global economy taxes and limits on carbon dioxide,any breach of the rules is punished immediately. Over Tokyo reigns giant tower - New City Atlas, the rest of the metropolis dilapidated and turned into the jungle to somehow deal with carbon dioxide. Atlas ruled by a handful of aristocrats, led by the cruel and cynical Ryoko, however, and it can not control everything - for example, financial andpolitical machinations genius baby Karin, has created the supercomputer " Medusa." But even the rulers of technocrats Atlas believe in one ancient prophecy... At the same time, Japan has a group of rebels " Iron Age ", calling for the rejection of pollution and for the transition to biotechnology. Their base - the area of the Duomo among the ruins of Tokyo.The action begins with the release of the women`s prison Atlas 18 -year-old Kuniko Hojo - granddaughter of the leader of " Iron Age ", charismatic girl who was respected by all the rebels. That`s just they do not know that for Kuniko watch, and to push it in the desired direction, the Duomo attacked a detachment under the command of Major Kusanagi.And in the heat of battle, it is clear - Kuniko, Kusanagi and 8 -year-old aristocrat Mikuni linked prophecy. It is they who will decide the fate of our decrepit world...

Images and photos of Shangri-La

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