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Shadow Skill TV

Image for anime mult Shadow Skill TV

Year: 1998

Genre: adventures, fantasy, shounen

Type: tv_series

Producer: Sunaga Tsukasa

Autor: Okada Megumu

Studio: Studio Deen

Time: 25 min

Description of Shadow Skill TV

Under the blessed gods floating city Yuliannesom widely spread four great country, your glorious mages and warriors. But we all know that art is not an equal match Kuruda inhabitants of the kingdom, which for 2000 years has never yielded to the enemy. Only once in a generation among the inhabitants of the earth are born militant onewho is worthy of the title of Sevar - ie "divine warrior ". But now it is going unheard of: in the battles and intrigues agreed just five of the great masters - from the 55th Sevara, King Kurudy Iby table to 59th Sevara, young El Stew, the only woman to be awarded the title.Any knowledgeable person realizes - now we are waiting for the great and terrible change... The main plot of the series revolves around fun and easy El and her younger brother named Gau Ban. In the company of true friends and mentors, they are improving skills, destroying the machinations of enemies and traitors who are struggling with the demons,save his native kingdom - and all for the sake of El forgiven multiple debts, have done it by drunken bench!

Images and photos of Shadow Skill TV

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