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Sergeant Keroro

Image for anime mult Sergeant Keroro

Year: 2004

Genre: comedy, shounen, fiction

Type: tv_series

Producer: Yamamoto Yuusuke

Autor: Yoshizaki Mine

Studio: Sunrise

Time: 24 min

Description of Sergeant Keroro

"2004. Earth suddenly is attacked by alien creatures.Millions of enemy ships attack the earthlings. People are trying to repel the invaders, but the power of an extraterrestrial civilization far exceeds the capabilities of the combined forces of the Earth. Mankind is forced to surrender unconditionally... "... At least that`s what was going to happen! Lyagushkopodobny Sergeant Keroro - scout space fleet mentioned above.He came to earth with an important and responsible task: to gather information on the ground and prepare the base for the invasion. The case led him to the Hinata family house. Hinata-mother - very enthusiastic and very shapely lady casually and cheerfully engaged in the upbringing of children, by profession - an employee of manga publishing.Natsumi Hinata - sports schoolgirl, a kind of "Sailor Senshi." Fuyuki Hinata - quiet, modest and good-natured boy, however, carried away the occult. Sergeant bearings, conducted reconnaissance and was just about to begin to conquer the Hinata family as the nearest to him part of the Earth,how can we received a message from his boss: the expansion is delayed for technical reasons, as well as the evacuation of Keroro and his four subordinates. So alien frog invaders were either hostage, or guests of their future opponents...

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