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Selector Infected WIXOSS

Image for anime mult Selector Infected WIXOSS

Year: 2014

Genre: psychology, seinen, drama

Type: tv_series

Producer: Satou Takuya

Autor: Miyazaki Hayao

Studio: J C Staff

Time: 25 min

Description of Selector Infected WIXOSS

The handle Kominato We have no friends, but this is absolutely not painful for her. She already participate in group activities with peers gates in generalit is not bad, but that`s my grandmother, with a population of schoolgirl greatly concerned for her. For home and Grandma can play a very popular game to make friends with someone. The initial card in Kominato available. Perhaps because of them she will find new friends and will not cause Grandma to worry anymore. But not all so simple.The handle has a special card, the one that says, rather, nyakaet. At first glance, there is no talking to other players cards. What is it? Hallucination? Imagination? Reality. Only selected worthy to possess unusual "live" cards, they are called selectors, and the game on the line selected is the execution of hidden desires.Only the winner of the dream, which became Virgin Dreams will be fulfilled.

Images and photos of Selector Infected WIXOSS

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