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Seikaisuru Kado

Image for anime mult Seikaisuru Kado

Year: 2017

Genre: fiction

Type: coming_soon, tv_series

Producer: Murata Kazuya

Autor: Endou Asari

Studio: Toei Animation

Time: min

Description of Seikaisuru Kado

Kojiro Shindo, Director General for Policy Planning, arrived at Haneda Airport.At that time, as he had expected take-off, a huge structure suddenly appears out of nowhere. The aircraft carries Shindo and the other 251 people who were on the plane, right into this structure. When planted in front of them there is a strange man, seemingly ordinary man. He assured all was safe. When Shindo asks a man,who he was and what was happening on the big screen appears the image of the world outside of the structure, and all the passengers of the plane telephones start ringing. The displays of phones the message from the man Japanese citizens: " I Yaha - Kui zaSyunina, hereby informs you that plan to interference in Japan `s internal affairs ".

Images and photos of Seikaisuru Kado

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Anime Seikaisuru
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Kazuya Murata (Murata Kazu
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