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Scum`s Wish

Image for anime mult Scum`s Wish

Year: 2017

Genre: romance, girls, seinen

Type: tv_series, coming_soon

Producer: Kuroyanagi Toshimasa

Autor: Yokoyari Mengo

Studio: Zexcs

Time: min

Description of Scum`s Wish

17 -year-old HaVaYaH Mugi and Yasuraoka Khanab side seem a perfect pair. They are quite popular and are well suited to each other.But they kept a secret from outsiders. Both of them are suffering from unrequited love for others, and meet each other to somehow brighten up her loneliness. Mugi in love with Akane Minagawa, a young teacher who used to be his tutor. A longtime friend Khanab loves her family, and worked as a teacher at her school, Kanai Narumi.Each other they find comfort and share the intimacy generated by loneliness. Do everything will remain so forever, or something in their life change? And what role in their lives will play a childhood friend Khanab Ebata Sanae?

Images and photos of Scum`s Wish

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