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Science Ninja Team Gatchaman (Movie)

Image for anime mult Science Ninja Team Gatchaman (Movie)

Year: 1978

Genre: fiction, shounen, adventures

Type: special

Producer: Toriumi Hisayuki

Autor: Yoshida Tatsuo

Studio: Tatsunoko

Time: 110 min

Description of Science Ninja Team Gatchaman (Movie)

Due to the danger of pollution reduction and resource growth, Created by international scientific organizations, designed to improve the environmental conditions around the world. International criminal group, galactorrhea, trying to achieve world domination by taking the INR control. Galaktorei Group created a mysterious creature from outer space, known as the leader of X,who gives orders through its commander in chief in the world, Berg Katze.Chtoby resist galaktorei and robot monsters, Dr. Nambu of INR enlists five brave young men in the combat team of scientists ninja called Gatchaman. Special technologies and unusual costumes,giving heroes resemblance to birds and give them the ability to fly, do Gatchaman team worthy opponent Galaktora.Eto Ken (Orel) - a wise commander, assisted at times reckless Joe (Condor), sympathetic June (Swan), an impatient toddler Jinpa (Swallow) and strongman Ryu (Owl). Each of them is an individual weapon,but their main strength lies in their plane, " Phoenix ", which can be converted into a fiery bird that could come out of the most threatening dangers. (C) animeonline

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