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School Rumble

Image for anime mult School Rumble

Year: 2004

Genre: romance, comedy, shounen

Type: tv_series

Producer: Takamatsu Shinji

Autor: Kobayashi Jin

Studio: Studio Comet

Time: 23 min

Description of School Rumble

Sixteen-year Tenma Tsukamoto first fell in love, but the trouble - the object of her passion, classmate Kurasuma-kunabsolutely does not notice the girl passionate views. Shy and timid Tenme incredibly difficult to directly confess her feelings, and all the signs and hints pass unflappable Kurasumy. In love with a schoolgirl, and unaware that such a storm of emotions raging in her breast another classmate and bully truant Harima Kenji,suggestive fear in the whole district, but melting at the sight of the fragile Tsukamoto. Thunderstorm school can not even muster the courage to talk to her. Their intersecting desperate attempts to draw attention to themselves leads to plenty of funny situations in this cute and very funny comedy school.

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