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Samurai X - The Movie

Image for anime mult Samurai X - The Movie

Year: 1997

Genre: history, drama, samurai_fighter

Type: tv_series

Producer: Tsuji Hatsuki

Autor: Watsuki Nobuhiro

Studio: Studio Gallop

Time: min

Description of Samurai X - The Movie

The action takes place in Japan, a few years after the Meiji Restoration, which took place in 1868. Manga tells about the adventures of a wandering warrior Kenshin Himura, traveling throughout Japan and to offer assistance and protection to people in need.Despite the fact that the manga is not a history in the strict sense of the word, it referred to many persons really existed the Meiji period and the preceding time of troubles bakumatsu and events about which it speaks, are embedded in a historical context. In addition, the author,being a fan of the Shinsengumi (sёgunskoy detachment of military police), when creating their characters often took a sample of both real and fictional facts about the members of the Shinsengumi, as well as about other important personalities bakumatsu period.

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