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Samurai X

Image for anime mult Samurai X

Year: 1996

Genre: comedy, adventures, history

Type: tv_series

Producer: Furuhashi Kazuhiro

Autor: Watsuki Nobuhiro

Studio: Studio Deen|studio Gallop

Time: 25 min

Description of Samurai X

Civil War,called the Meiji Restoration, it was over. In Japan, the reforms under way on the Western model. No more of the shogunate, established parliament and the government, try on samurai European costumes, peasants receive names, trade and business thrive.That`s just why the secret war hero times bakumatsu unrecognized roams the country in the guise of a good-natured simpleton, helping all who are in trouble, and without asking for anything in return? So Himura Kenshin, a great master of the sword and the former captive killer, trying to atone for sins of the past and find peace in a wounded soul. Brief respite finds Kenshin in Tokyo - the former EdoWhere he saves Kaoru Kamiya, the young owner family dojo. Gradually Kamiya dojo is going to warm company of tramps and losers - Kaoru, Kenshin, Sanosuke mercenary fighter and orphan Yahiko. Here are just a quiet life filled with fun adventures and playful sparring, it did not last long. After all, the past is not gone anywhere,and too many people believe that the blood can be washed away only where more blood...

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