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Samurai Harem

Image for anime mult Samurai Harem

Year: 2009

Genre: romance, fight, shounen

Type: tv_series

Producer: Kujo Rion

Autor: Minamoto Yuu

Studio: Aic

Time: 24 min

Description of Samurai Harem

Ёyti Karasuma, the descendant of the ancient samurai clan, and 17 years lived with his father in the mountains and tirelessly trained in martial arts for the canon of the old masters. And the father with tears of joy and bitterness acknowledged that the student has surpassed the teacher.To move on the Path of the Warrior, a young samurai must come down from the mountains and discover the big world, strengthening the spirit of the new tests. And to begin with the father sent his son to the nearest town in the dojo family Ikaruga - old friends of their family who have the same school "Divine Wind ukiha". Word of the Father - the law. Young Samurai pulled hakamaHe tucked in his belt bokken faithful and soon enjoy the beauty of the city. That`s just not in charge Ruroni Kenshin our days that the house waiting for him Ikaruga no wise old man, surrounded by respectful disciples, and four sisters, control dojo after the departure of parents abroad: strong and good Ibuki, Ayame quick-tempered,Quiet and cheerful artist baby shopping Kagome. Very, very soon Ёyti realized that traps on mountain trails - nothing compared to the temptations of the outside world, and especially - with life under the same roof with four pretty girls! Here even the natural enemies will be pleased as the old friend...

Images and photos of Samurai Harem

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