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Samurai Girl

Image for anime mult Samurai Girl

Year: 2001

Genre: school, adventures, mysticism

Type: tv_series

Producer: Shouji Shinichi

Autor: Saiga Reiji

Studio: Studio Hibari

Time: 25 min

Description of Samurai Girl

In "Deymond" charter school does not have the section forbidding students to fight. Quite the contrary, the administration introduced K-Fight rating to determine the coolest fighter. Competitions are held almost continuously; students frantically collect portraits of the winners,school "star" (in the shortest and most elegant yubchonke panties) excitedly commented matches and Chief Justice - the headmaster himself. So Ryoko Mitsuryugi, girl samurai entered the most suitable for yourself institution... And if it has not fallen duty to exterminate demons in a parallel space,everything would be just fine.

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