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Samurai 7

Image for anime mult Samurai 7

Year: 2004

Genre: fiction, war, adventures

Type: tv_series

Producer: Takizawa Toshifumi

Autor: Kurosawa Akira

Studio: Gonzo Digimation

Time: 25 min

Description of Samurai 7

In the distant future, in a world reminiscent of the feudal society of medieval Japan,many years war raged between the samurai, mechanized their bodies. When there is peace, some were out of work Samurai huddled robbery gang Nobuseri, Ryskov the country and taking away rice farmers and women in exchange for immunity. In case of failure of mechanical thugs burned down villages, sparing neither old nor young alike.One of the villages is not resigned to the fact that the crop grown so hard to get the robbers, and decided to send envoys to the city - where to hire samurai for protection. Not being able to offer a card, except rice, and knowing full well that only a desperately brave samurai go to such a deal, farmers relied only on a miracle.At the head of the delegation went to the water priestess Kirara, using his magic necklace to find the one who intended to save the harvest. With the participation of Katsusiro, Kambeya and five other samurai campaign for the defense of the village opposite the odds all began...

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