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Sakura Diaries

Image for anime mult Sakura Diaries

Year: 1997

Genre: ecchi, seinen, comedy

Type: ova

Producer: Okajima Kunitoshi

Autor: Ujin

Studio: Shaft

Time: 24 min

Description of Sakura Diaries

Love - a mysterious thing. A love triangle - the widespread phenomenon. That`s what happened to the story once the most ordinary guy... He Toma Inaba hard preparing for the exam, when his number knocked cute girl came in, quickly took off all to himself, infected unfortunate Tom...Only you do not think anything! He threw her out, but managed to catch a cold. As a result, he failed all the exams. On one of them I met a charming interesting lady who shamelessly lied that he entered the prestigious Tokyo Institute of Keio. Tormented by his stupid lies, he struggled to say the truth to her, but suddenly findshis beloved Mieko wants to meet only with the student Keio! Tom tried very hard not to lie, but it did not. Lying has become more refined and more painful. But who it was his surprise when he learned that the girl on a call, the cause of all his troubles, his cousin OAPR, which he decided to stay for one year or two,to be like in college preparatory Tokyo! Well, it expects a lot of surprises. Hearty meals, served in the apron over his naked body... But it is not important, OAPR knows his secret and can tell all his precious Mieko. What would you do in her place? OAPR loves Tom. Tom loves Mieko. Miyoko would love Himbut Mieko love with a university boy. Immerse yourself in the hilarious love triangle along with the characters of this wonderful film.

Images and photos of Sakura Diaries

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