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Image for anime mult Saki

Year: 2009

Genre: seinen, school, girls

Type: tv_series

Producer: Ono Manabu

Autor: Kobayashi Ritz

Studio: Gonzo Digimation|picture Magic

Time: 25 min

Description of Saki

Tenth- Kёtaro Suga dragged old friend by the name of Salem Miyanaga mahjong club in school only because she knew the rules, and the game did not have a fourth. Rivals caught them serious - Champion High School Nodoka Haramura and talented, but noisy and uncollected Yuki Kataoka.Of course, Saki did not show anything, and, having played three rounds, modestly retired. Only more experienced than the first-year counterparts, Heath club president Takeo noticed that the guest all three matches completed " to zero " - that the accident can not be in any way. So click on the nose with local stars that lit " vsvetluyu "! Here and it turns out,that the whole family Saki - the players of the national championship level. The girl, when she was forced to play with adults, inevitably developed their own style permanent exit " to zero " - so it does not upset the older and at the same time does not feel the bitterness of defeat. But mahjong manage the game only a genius can at this level! Of course,Salem does not like mahjong and all the forces resisting attempts to lure her to the school club. But where it against dodgy Hisy, and stir, perhaps, something in my heart. For when her deception was dragged to the next game, Saki realized that all the rivals made??against her komplot - and set to work seriously.As a result, she again went out " to zero ", brought together in the final sequence, which was one chance in a million. As awakening "genius inevitably " - one of the main sports anime scenes since the days of " Hikaru and Go." But when Saki convince begin, finally, do not play " to zero " and win - the action would be much more interesting!

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