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Sаkаsаmа nо Pаtеmа: Bеginning оf thе Dаy

Image for anime mult Sаkаsаmа nо Pаtеmа: Bеginning оf thе Dаy

Year: 2012

Genre: science_fiction, seinen, adventures

Type: ova

Producer: Yoshiura Yasuhiro

Autor: Yoshiura Yasuhiro

Studio: Purple Cow Studio

Time: 6 min

Description of Sаkаsаmа nо Pаtеmа: Bеginning оf thе Dаy

As a result of some accident occurred in the past, humanity was divided into two nations. For the first gravity acts on the contrary the people and its representatives, as well as they used things just fall away in the sky. But,These people live under the ground, so much of a threat to them, this feature is not. For the second people`s gravity acts in the usual way, and he lives on the ground. The lives of these two nations and virtually no overlap of each other most of their representatives do not know. But,people living on the surface there is a history of that in the past sinners flew to heaven. Therefore, in a society it is considered unacceptable to look at the sky and should be sent to his eyes to the ground. This work is a short TV series - first half hour feature film in 2013: http: //

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