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Saiyuuki Gaiden

Image for anime mult Saiyuuki Gaiden

Year: 2011

Genre: drama, adventures, fantasy

Type: ova

Producer: Kuzuya Naoyuki

Autor: Minekura Kazuya

Studio: Anpro

Time: 30 min

Description of Saiyuuki Gaiden

Four characters appears in Gaiden-ie in a different light: in terms of characters, relationships. No one ever imagined Sanzo for paperwork and Hakka - commander of the army (and concurrently sloppiness bookworm). Godzhё became more serious, and Goku... All the same light with darkness within the Absolute. Whoever they are and wherever are -their unity remains unchanged. And the decisions that they take actions that commit - terrible, sick, unbelievable, amazing... right. Team Sanzo (Gaiden and just people, gradually penetrating each other confidence and warmth, by force of circumstances tending to one goal) - those for whom you want to follow. Well,or at least like watching omniscient Bosatsu - sama.

Images and photos of Saiyuuki Gaiden

AW! It#39s ok, Goku baby boy, I#39ll stay with you forever ..._28
Gensou Maden Saiyuuki [TV 1] Sayuki (RUS) Watch online bespl
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Saiyuki_Gaiden 450x675_21
Saiyuki Gaiden#956566   Zerochan_18
Saiyuki Gaiden (OAV, 3 épisodes)   Anime Kun_1
Saiyuki Gaiden (OAV, 3 épisodes)   Anime Kun_5
Saiyuki Gaiden, Wallpaper   Zerochan Anime Image Board_13
Saiyuki Gaiden, Wallpaper   Zerochan Anime Image Board_14
Saiyuki Gaiden ... when Sanzo meets Goku  Saiyuki  Pinterest ..._16
Saiyuki Gaiden ~~ Kanzeon Bosatsu and Goujun  SAIYUKI  Pinterest_17
Saiyuki Gaiden Goku amp Konzen Cushion Cover (Anime Toy) Item picture1_3
Saiyuki Gaiden I want to see this one. Hulu has it but it seems ..._20
Saiyuki Gaiden Kenren amp Tenpo Cushion Cover (Anime Toy) Item picture1_11
Saiyuki Gaiden Manga   Chapter 1   Page 22 of 22   AnimeA_24
Saiyuki Gaiden OVA   Saiyuki Wiki   Wikia_4
Saiyuki Gaiden  page 3 of 3   Zerochan Anime Image Board_6
Saiyuki Gaiden   Saiyuki Wiki   Wikia_23
Saiyuki Gaiden Sayuki origins Saiyuuki Gaiden manga m
Son Goku (Saiyuki)  page 4 of 8   Zerochan Anime Image Board_10
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Son Goku (Saiyuki)  page 5 of 8   Zerochan Anime Image Board_19
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