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Saiyuki Reload: Burial

Image for anime mult Saiyuki Reload: Burial

Year: 2007

Genre: adventures, fantasy, shoujo

Type: ova

Producer: Oohata Kouichi

Autor: Minekura Kazuya

Studio: Arms|studio Pierrot

Time: 43 min

Description of Saiyuki Reload: Burial

Old friends, well-known with their own stories, characters, quirks..It turned out not so well we know them. Indeed, in every story there is something unsaid, there is something hidden, there is something " buried." 4 stories, 5 characters - Ukok, Sanzo, Goku, Hakala and Godzhё. Familiar faces. And history, in principle, famous world. Somewhere about this, we have heard something flashed in the flash bekah.. And something still remained behind the scenes.Burial is not just another meeting with Sayuki. There is the usual rasshvyrivany enemies in batches, no squabble for a place in the jeep.. But this, perhaps, and a peculiar fascination Sayuki - we always remember that behind the external banter, is something more. And here it is " more " in concentrated form.But happy and surprised not only the plot (his many already know from the manga), glad och pleasantly pleased execution. Music and seiyuu work - something that has always delighted in Sayuki, remained at a high level. But everything else has finally become a pleasing picture to the approximate Minekura style and do not make as before, taking his eyes off the screen,not to start spitting on the distorted face or disproportionate figure. In addition, they disappeared voluntary deviations from the manga series which has rarely been done adequately. Although they probably could not have been in this part.

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Saiyuuki Reload burial Sayuki Burial Saiyuki Reload
Saiyuuki Reload burial Sayuki Burial Saiyuki Reload
Saiyuuki Reload burial Sayuki Burial Saiyuki Reload
Saiyuuki Reload burial Sayuki Burial Saiyuki Reload
Saiyuuki Reload burial Sayuki Burial Saiyuki Reload
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