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Saber Marionette J

Image for anime mult Saber Marionette J

Year: 1996

Genre: harem, fiction, adventures

Type: tv_series

Producer: Shimoda Masami

Autor: Akahori Satoru

Studio: Studio Junio

Time: 25 min

Description of Saber Marionette J

This is not consumer goods, such anime very few. It tells you about the infinite love and true devotion, shows that it is necessary to always go to their goal, not allowing challenges to knock you out of the way. Tell what it means to sacrifice themselves for a loved one. What is the soul, what is happiness and what is the heart. Love, true love -a great gift, and if you srazhaeshsya for the happiness of a loved one - even the impossible possible stanovmtsya. Good Otaru Mamiya, bright, cheerful and restless Lime, Cherry gentle and caring, multi-faceted Bladberri, fussy and somewhat priduroshny Hanagata, prudent Ieyasu, cold,to drive into the depths of consciousness own true identity Faust and endlessly devoted and loving it is not overcome by anything Tiger, Panther and Lynx - all of them, and not only they, bright and extraordinary personality. And yet it`s not psychedelic or drama, looks nice and easy and leaves behind with nothing comparable experience. And the music...and without that gorgeous creature gives perfection as a statue or a picture, when any change has made??it worse. Equally good was the only Hack Sign and Tsubasa Chronicle.

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