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Image for anime mult Sabagebu!

Year: 2014

Genre: shoujo, comedy, school

Type: tv_series

Producer: Oota Masahiko

Autor: Matsumoto Hidekichi

Studio: Pierrot Plus

Time: 25 min

Description of Sabagebu!

Conokava Momoko, Japanese schoolgirl,regular outside and inside very echidna, goes to high school with military-slope, where there are many circles of military training of a different orientation. At school, she comes into airsoft circle (which deals with all the same survival games, cirech games of survival, hence the name of the anime), which is headed by a great Myo Ootori,eighteen vtorogodnitsa, lover eccentric tricks... No sooner had otschelkat volleys air rifles airsoft mug Stella Academy how to replace it, exactly a year later, a subject in a hurry. Well, then, military-anime is still alive, as long as the manga currently has five volumes, the Worlddo decide to move to the screen. Such is a pleasant surprise. The picture looks palely and specifically-sedzeshnoy, an amateur and reality Marble and jumps to the past most likely is not expected - but a circle of young and beautiful ganfrikov-sempayka-real-prince-in-skirt still available. Already I foresee cautious unflattering predictionsbut I want to believe the best. Broadcast July 2014

Images and photos of Sabagebu!

814131010087_Anime Sabagebu  ..._17
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