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Rune Soldier

Image for anime mult Rune Soldier

Year: 2001

Genre: shounen, adventures, comedy

Type: tv_series

Producer: Koyama Yoshitaka

Autor: Mizuno Ryo

Studio: J C Staff

Time: min

Description of Rune Soldier

The protagonist Ryu - the son of the rector of the Academy at the Mages Guild and, concurrently its student. And as oboyatelny,eager for Women and booze dolt and a great fist fighter. Three adventurers: Melissa priestess, warrior and thief Gini Miriel desperately needed a magician in the team and they accidentally met Ryu. But it turns out that Ryu, though studies on the magician, he has obtained much better to fight with their bare hands and improvised means.It constantly confuses spells (instead of "euthanasia" is used "explosion") and prefers to solve all problems by brute force. Adventurers have been willing to give up his services, but the incredible happened, one of the seeker, the priestess Melissa, was a revelation from God, Mairi whom she worships, it would read,Ruy that it should become a "hero" and it must constantly accompany him...

Images and photos of Rune Soldier

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Anime Covers  covers of Louie, the rune soldier volume 5 french_5
Anime Covers  covers of Louie, the rune soldier volume 5 french_27
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