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Image for anime mult Ru.comix

Year: 2009

Genre: music, comedy

Type: amv

Producer: Nagaoka Yasuchika

Autor: Kawasaki Hiroyuki

Studio: Olm Incorporated|aic

Time: 25 min

Description of Ru.comix

Clips from the series Ru.Comix are small collections of humorous miniatures.Each individual miniature is typically less than 30 seconds and is done using the anime (less movies, games, etc.) and audio track from any other source. Clips made out the initial splash, end credits, listing all project participants, and creative transitions between thumbnail.

Images and photos of Ru.comix

AMV Clips Ru.Comix_1
AMV Clips Ru.Comix 3.5_2
AMV Clips Ru.Comix pa
AMV News Home Ru.Comix 4_21
AniKiss] Anime fun # 4 [ancord] by [SI] Sammi Ittai voice
Hellsing (д)_29
I Loli(д)_26
Mortimus   I Loli (Ru.Comix 3)_28
Nano DESU(ru comix)_22
Ru.Comix » first anime portal Kyrgyz
Ru.Comix » first anime portal Kyrgyz
ru.comix 2 evangelion   YouTube_23
Ru.Comix 3(1)_24
Ru.Comix 3.5 What is K ON_20
Ru.Comix 3 Devilman rave_27
Ru.Comix Clip Ru.Comix_7
Ru.Comix Thumbnail Yuri Rocking transition Author Mort
Ru.Comix Thumbnail Bleach, Ichigo about the sword Author f
Anime Olivier of the seventh `spetsvypusk` (author Sasader) by Sasader
Anime fun. Part Eight 2016 0
Anime fun Sixteen. Under the cheerful music (???) !! by Shiki
Anime fun Thirteen. Under the cheerful music. ? (???)? !! 2016 0
Anime fun with Music # 4 by HECLATES Channel 2016
all the fun on autarky RepertuarCli
Weirdly ANIME FUNNY Jokes (((ULTIMATE))) By BiovolkVK by
Comedy anime Ru.Comix 2 2011 watch online video from AMV_Reaper
Tokyo ghoul `UTA` 2016 0
Festival from different angles (Dai Fest V) project Cool Japan Ru_30
Photo 5 from 67 27670361 1214144838 25345349 vantuz1._25