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Rozen Maiden

Image for anime mult Rozen Maiden

Year: 2004

Genre: drama, mysticism, seinen

Type: tv_series

Producer: Matsuo Kou

Autor: Peach Pit

Studio: Nomad

Time: 24 min

Description of Rozen Maiden

Junior by Jun Sakurada completely out of hand - while the parents are working abroad, he gave up school, not paying attention to the timid protests doting older sister Nori. Dzjun day long sitting at the computer, having fun by the fact that orders through the Internet different subjects,associated with magic and witchcraft. One day he finds a parcel with a tempting proposal, which accepts the conditions among the masses of mail messages, not penetrating, and then opens the package - black bag with gold rose on the lid. Inside Dzjun amazement finds big beautiful doll in an old dress of the XIX century. Without hesitation,he gets it applied golden key, and she comes to life! Signed commitment is driven, and the guy has no choice, how to become a servant of the medium-petite beauties, cementing contract kiss her ring with a rose gold. So in life by Jun Sakurada include Cinco lady and her other maidens, roses,radically changing its view of the world, forced to look inside themselves and overcome fears and doubts.

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Rozen Maiden wallpaper (177 photos) to your desktop, download pictures
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