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Roujin Z

Image for anime mult Roujin Z

Year: 1991

Genre: drama, mechanism, comedy

Type: ova

Producer: Kitakubo Hiroyuki

Autor: Otomo Katsuhiro

Studio: Animate

Time: 80 min

Description of Roujin Z

Aging population - a problem faced by the entire civilized world. Huge money is spent on all sorts of devices,which help people with disabilities and older people live, as well as for the services of nurses and nurses. Aged disabled Takaradzava becomes a "guinea pig" to test new robosidelki. It seems that the "Z-001" - the perfect nurse and nurse, the future world of gerontology. However, initially it was created as a weapon, as an armored mecha-suit,read the thoughts of the pilot. And, responding to the unconscious desire Takaradzavy, "Z-001" is converted into a fighting machine. Only one person from the beginning doubted the success of the "Z-001". And now when she, a student Haruko, a former nurse Takaradzavy can stop the robot do the will of his subconscious...

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