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Rou Kyuu Bu!

Image for anime mult Rou Kyuu Bu!

Year: 2011

Genre: romance, ecchi, daily

Type: tv_series

Producer: Kusakawa Keizou

Autor: Aoyama Sagu

Studio: Project No

Time: 25 min

Description of Rou Kyuu Bu!

Subaru Hasegawa from an early age was considered a basketball talent and promising point guard. His scouts noticed even foreign youth leagues, but the man was determined to build a career at home and enrolled at the private high school Nanasiro,He received an athletic scholarship. Here the young star, and lay in wait for a stroke of fate - because of the dark history with the team captain and the coach`s daughter juvenile basketball club was closed for a year, and its members have gained dubious fame lolikonschikov. But not for long Subaru went to the upset - at home was waiting for sexy aunt Mihos,which has offered to train the newly created command... maiden in her elementary school! Under a barrage of convincing arguments respectful nephew has agreed; of course, only temporarily, for a short time... That`s the way a novice coach arrived in Keysin Academy, where he waited five grader - girls as the selection. Vigorous Tomokoprecocious Airy, gamer and tomboy Maho, Saki romantic and rustic met Hinata "Sensei", as it should be - on the theme of cosplay "master", "elder brother" and "shorts". Subaru barely persuaded the new wards that they have gathered here not to parody anime hackneyed cliches and learn to play basketball. But micethen you already guess what this fascinating history will be more really!

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