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Ronin Warriors

Image for anime mult Ronin Warriors

Year: 1988

Genre: shounen, fiction, mechanism

Type: tv_series

Producer: Ikeda Masashi

Autor: Yatate Hajime

Studio: Sunrise

Time: 24 min

Description of Ronin Warriors

A thousand years ago the world ruler Youja - Arago (Arago) - was close to the total subjugation of the human world - no army could not resist him, but then in his way a mysterious samurai Kaosu (Kaos), traveling with a faithful companion - a huge white tiger. He bravely fought with Arago and killed him. But,though Arago soul was banished in Youjakai, his armor was an opportunity to return to the human world. To prevent this, Kaos armor divided into nine distinct armor, each of which later fell into the hands of nine soldiers. Arago had learned Kaos plan - he found the four owners of the armor, and persuaded them to serve Him.Shuten (Shuten), Naaza (Naaz), Anubis (Anubis) and Rajura (Rahul) steel Masho (demons - generals) of his army. Heart of the remaining five warriors were clean - they - Youroiden samurai troopers (samurai warriors) - stood in the way Youja army, broke into the world of men in 1989. Rekka no Ryo (Ryo Rekka but), Korin no Seiji (Corin but Sage)Kongo no Shuu (Congo but Shu), Suiko no Shin (Suiko but Sheen) and Tenku no Touma (Tenke but Tom) - the brave young men in the mysterious armor, neither the power nor the origin of which no one knew.

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