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Romantica Clock

Image for anime mult Romantica Clock

Year: 2014

Genre: shoujo

Type: tv_series

Producer: Okamoto Hideki

Autor: Maki Youko

Studio: Aic Plus

Time: 2 min

Description of Romantica Clock

Anime- one another manga creator of the famous " My baby," Maki Ёko.Syuzhet tells the story of two twins - Canon and Aoi. Although they are twins, but completely different. Aoi - reclusive and mega - intelligent, and Canon of the same - cheerful, and I will not hide - a little (maybe a lot) glupaya.Da, but even they are different - they are all the same family.What awaits those two restless twins? All this you will learn in the new anime " Romantic hours" Enjoy!

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anime comic manga «Romantica Clock» December 26, 2013
Romantic hours Romantica Clock »Watch Anime Online and
Read manga on Russian romance Time (Romantica Clock). Maki
Read manga on Russian romance Time (Romantica Clock). Maki
Read manga on Russian romance Time (Romantica Clock). Maki