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Image for anime mult Robotics;Notes

Year: 2012

Genre: school, fiction, drama

Type: tv_series

Producer: Nomura Kazuya

Autor: Shikura Chiyomaru

Studio: Production I G

Time: 23 min

Description of Robotics;Notes

17-year-old Akiho Senomiya,President of the club high school robotics Central tanegashima, obsessed with the dream of a large robot to complete, which is beginning to build a founder of the club, her older sister, Misaki. Not an easy task, since the club`s glory days in the past, but now the only assistant Aki - plodder classmate Yasio Kaito, all the while playing on a console,which in 2019 replaced the youth computer and phone. With the support of fizruka Mitsuhiko, an old friend of the sisters and the current curator, Senomiya Jr. concluded with the school head teacher risky bet - club will not close, and even allocate a budget if its representatives win the All Japan tournament, domestic robots, which starts, by the way,in two weeks! That`s how it all started to happen, the robots went into battle, from the dusty cabinets instead of parts rained down skeletons ordinary students were not so easy, and their desperate struggle to preserve the club suddenly pulled to light such a revelation that the efforts of the guys approved he would have great Rintaro Okabe! The road back is no longer,and now Aki and kite will have to unravel a tight ball of family secrets, conspiracies, and the planetary discoveries to only once to save the world. The main thing is to invent a time machine is not necessary - enough and faithful consoles!

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