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Image for anime mult Robotech

Year: 1985

Genre: mechanism, fiction, adventures

Type: tv_series, not_japanese

Producer: Ikeda Hiroshi

Autor: Robert Louis Stevenson

Studio: Toei Animation

Time: 24 min

Description of Robotech

After 20century on land fell alien ship. Most of the ship`s equipment survived, but no survivors. Scientists have to understand these technologies and over 10 years they have managed to recover the ship. And finally came the day of the test run, but the Earth was attacked. Since then, the Earth not once attacked,but brave pilots are on guard, armed with new space technology. In general - see for yourself briefly describe for the series and it does not spoil the interest difficult. Robotech TV series was created by the famous American Carl Mashiko in the mid-1980s from the Japanese Super Dimensional Fortress Macross, Sklene with two other Japanese TVserials and Genesis Climber Mospeada Super Dimensional Cavalry Southern Cross. The series was released in three seasons: Macross Saga (from 04.03.1985 on 22.04.1985), Robotech Masters Saga (from 23.04.1985 on 05.24.1985) and New Generation Saga (from 05.27.1985 on 28.06.1985).

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