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Rio: Rainbow Gate!

Image for anime mult Rio: Rainbow Gate!

Year: 2011

Genre: seinen, ecchi, comedy

Type: tv_series

Producer: Kato Takao

Autor: Oshii Mamoru

Studio: Xebec

Time: 25 min

Description of Rio: Rainbow Gate!

Rio Rollins - a young but already well-known dealer, known by the nickname " Goddess of Victory ". Working on a tropical resort casino hotel Howard, Rio seeks to achieve true mastery and get closer to the level of his mother, is considered the first in the profession.Free girl is "penetration" into the essence of any game of chance, but a side effect of it - good luck, which she generously shared with others. People in the gambling world, there are different, but Rio has always played honestly and tries to prove that the game should open up in man the best, not the worst part. The dream of the protagonist -to achieve the title of " Best Dealer ", and for this you need to collect a baker`s dozen of the legendary Gate - rare maps, for the possession of which we are willing to risk the greatest players in the world. And, of course, on the way to the dream of Rio will support colleagues and friends - Hollywood actress, a rival - dealer, waitress, bunnies, magician,granddaughter of billionaire coaching and even cheerful girl - android. Oh, that our life - the game!

Images and photos of Rio: Rainbow Gate!

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