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Image for anime mult Rewrite

Year: 2016

Genre: school, shounen, action

Type: ongoing, tv_series

Producer: Tanaka Motoki

Autor: Sorachi Hideaki

Studio: Bit

Time: 25 min

Description of Rewrite

The action of the original game takes place in a fictional Japanese city Kadzamatsuri, remarkable for its rich vegetation.Kotaro protagonist and his friends from the community occult studies in secondary school Kadzamatsuri, and often spend time in the room, social club. The plot begins to develop at a time when Kotaro fall into the alternate dimension Kadzamatsuri where silence reigns, and the sky is gray.Multiple entries in this dimension are located throughout the city. In this secret world created by a group of Gaia, demons roam free, and special ecosystem sustains life here. While on the moon, with the blossoming of the hill becomes clearly visible on the background of the ruined city of eternal night. This hill and subsequently appears in the world in the woods Kadzamatsuri.Kadzamatsuri field is secret struggle between the two groups: Gaia, and Guardian. Organization of Gaia, which is under the auspices of Martel group consists of nihilists and misanthropes able to contact the demons, who are awakened through the life force summoner. Martel when-it was a church and a member of the priestesses with congenital disabilities. Guardian Group has dedicated itself to the destruction of the demons and is comprised almost entirely of people with abilities. Both teams arrive in Kadzamatsuri to find a demon named Kagari, which looks like a high school student. Kagari, the protagonist of history,It has the power to destroy all life on Earth, although it can also initiate the re-evolution, which again will start the process of development of intelligent life. However, this happens only when the energy of the Earth, and during the event Rewrite the reserve of energy is depleted. Gaia wants to capture Kagari,to accelerate the destruction of mankind, and the Guardian is looking for Kagari to kill her, thus not allowing the destruction of human lives.

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