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Image for anime mult ReLIFE

Year: 2016

Genre: comedy, fiction, romance

Type: tv_series

Producer: Kosaka Satoru

Autor: Yayoi Sou

Studio: Tms Entertainment

Time: 24 min

Description of ReLIFE

Kaydzaki Arata - 27 - year-old unemployed, who failed every single interview after leaving the company in which he worked just 3 months. His life changes when he meets Ryo Ёake of scientific«ReLIFE» Research Institute. Ёake offers him a drug that can turn it into a 17 -year-old boy. Taking medication Arata becomes the object of annual research and high school student. Bypassing a weekly broadcast in Japan,all series series were available on the official website translation with English hardsabom day Japanese premiere (due to early leaks access video in poor quality).

Images and photos of ReLIFE

Anime Spotlight   ReLIFE   Anime News Network_3
Confessions of an Animangaholic_28
Crunchyroll   Kensho Ono, Ai Kayano to Lead in ReLIFE TV Anime_10
Crunchyroll   ReLIFE Anime Launches July 1 on Crunchyroll_13
Crunchyroll   ReLIFE Anime Launches July 1 on Crunchyroll_18
Crunchyroll   ReLIFE Full episodes streaming online for free_2
ReLIFE Anime#39s Main Staff Announced   News   Anime News Network_6
ReLife Anime 2016 HD Wallpaper #587  wallpaperhitz.com_16
ReLIFE Anime Adaptation Announced! • Whiteout Scans_19
ReLIFE Anime Adaptation Announced   Otaku Tale_15
ReLIFE Anime Adaptation Announced   Otaku Tale_27
ReLIFE Anime  Anime Amino_5
ReLIFE Anime  Anime Amino_9
ReLife Anime Archives   Senpai Knows_1
ReLIFE Anime Casts Noriaki Sugiyama, Himika Akaneya, Daisuke ..._23
ReLife Anime Desktop Wallpaper #543  wallpaperhitz.com_14
ReLIFE Anime   Funny Scene_4
ReLife Anime Girl 2016 HD Wallpaper #707  wallpaperhitz.com_24
ReLife Anime HD Wallpaper #537  wallpaperhitz.com_17
ReLIFE Anime PV amp Cast • Whiteout Scans_26
ReLife Anime Wallpaper HD #534  wallpaperhitz.com_12
ReLife Character Designs  anime_29
ReLIFE  Manga   MyAnimeList.net_8
ReLIFE Preview – 01 – Clouded Anime_21
ReLIFE Review   Anime Evo_11
ReLIFE Review   Anime Evo_20
ReLife Review   Ikigai Network_22
Spoil ReLife ตอนที่ 13 (ตอนจบ)  Anime TH_25
Anime Re Life (Rel
Anime Re Life (Reli