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Image for anime mult Redline

Year: 2009

Genre: seinen, fiction, sport

Type: amv

Producer: Koike Takeshi

Autor: Ishii Katsuhito

Studio: Madhouse Studios

Time: 102 min

Description of Redline

Every five years there is an event that brings together the most dissimilar people and humanoid creatures -the greatest and most dangerous car race in the galaxy, the Red Line! Everyone wants to take part in them, but the place of the race was not disclosed until the very last moment, and wishing you must first show themselves in "qualifying round" on the Yellow Line. One of those who want to become "Cutie" JP,He received his nickname for striking for such events honesty (the guy never even used the mines do not fit in my head!). Although winning the Yellow Line did not get him, and he lay in the hospital with broken limbs, the organizers suddenly informed him that he had passed the selection and will participate in the Red Line.Unwitting benefactors of JP, "remove" his two rivals were rulers Robomira totalitarian planet, which was elected as the track on which the action will occur. Quite an angry sim fact, they are determined to stop the race even before you hear a signal shot.And if two drivers out of the race before the start of the race, what is waiting for JP and his luxurious hair on the track? The protagonist, JP, grew up in the slums and poverty, but once he saw in the street car rides, and he realized it was his destiny. Now he has grown, he has friends and enemies, and a dream to win the championship of the M3,the speed and dangerous form of racing, where one rule - no rules, there is only victory.

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Anime «red line» Redline Red
Anime «red line» Redline Red
Anime «red line» Redline Red
Anime «red line» Redline Red
Anime «red line» Redline Red
Anime «red line» Redline Red
Anime «red line» Redline Red
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