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Red Riding Hood Chacha

Image for anime mult Red Riding Hood Chacha

Year: 1994

Genre: comedy, macho_shoujo, shoujo

Type: tv_series

Producer: Tsuji Hatsuki

Autor: Ayahana Min

Studio: Studio Gallop

Time: 25 min

Description of Red Riding Hood Chacha

Clumsy Daddy hardest are spells and often it turns out she is not what she wanted. But when she and her friends are in trouble, it spells triggered as expected. On this same mountain lives a boy named Riya, which has enormous power. Riya belongs to a family of werewolves - the giants and can turn into a wolf when he wants.And in the castle on the mountains Uritsuri lives another sorceress - Dorothy. Together with her live her student Tire - on the part of the expert spells. This is not surprising, because all his taught Dorothy. Adventure Tyati start when it gets to a school for wizards... There will be both competitors and villains, and loyal friends...

Images and photos of Red Riding Hood Chacha

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