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Re: Cutie Honey

Image for anime mult Re: Cutie Honey

Year: 2004

Genre: ecchi, seinen, comedy

Type: ova

Producer: Anno Hideaki

Autor: Nagai Go

Studio: Toei Animation|gainax

Time: 45 min

Description of Re: Cutie Honey

Silly, perhaps, to expect from "Gaynaksa" in the new millennium working poor and tasteless. Immortalized himself on a fantastic career in the 87th year,the main creators of the studio gradually began to bump into otakushnuyu pathos, create sharp, catchy, sometimes vulgar, but certainly attracts the attention of the product. The works are often experimental, and deliberately shouting showing all the original approaches to graphic design, storytelling,are so proud "Gaynaks", which he, in fact, has become famous in the days of "Evangelion". Speaking of the story. Something more senseless and second-rate, than what is shown here, to come up with, though it is possible, but difficult. Stupid idea, stupid developments, the culmination of a stupid and silly ending. But... Not in this case. There are a number of works,where the plot - it is an aid, such a minor detail that it is simply not accepted to discuss. This trёhseriyny remake of the original thirty years ago just such an exception. Admit it, it`s silly to discuss seriously the plot of the film where the main character of the villain yells: "Come immediately let go of 10,000 girls!"while the screen is bursting at the seams with great action sequences selected from retro music from the 70`s style. In fact, the authors make a bet on the plot, rather than decoration, and the film could not even shoot - terrible would have been bullshit. And it turned out great musical and stylistic potpourri where villains, finally, allrelease-taki 10,000 girls. However, without clothing, and all at once.

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