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Rain, the Little Girl, and My Letter

Image for anime mult Rain, the Little Girl, and My Letter

Year: 2005

Genre: romance, daily, shoujo

Type: special

Producer: Kizaki Fuminori

Autor: Hirota Mitsutaka

Studio: Zexcs

Time: min

Description of Rain, the Little Girl, and My Letter

Katari Hosikava grew up in a family consisting of a small bookshop, and since childhood she has been immersed in the magical world of books. Therefore, when she first fell in love with a cute classmate, then I decided to let him know about my feelings favorite letter, drawn up in the form of a story. All night she worked on the message,and early in the morning it is already lying in the drawer for the garment its passion. How did he react? whether the letter will touch his heart... A touching short film about the great joy and immense sadness of the first maiden of love?.

Images and photos of Rain, the Little Girl, and My Letter

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