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Image for anime mult RahXephon

Year: 2002

Genre: drama, fiction, mechanism

Type: tv_series, ova

Producer: Izubuchi Yutaka

Autor: Izubuchi Yutaka

Studio: Bones

Time: 23 min

Description of RahXephon

A terrible disaster has destroyed the world, and only a fortress city Tokyo, protected by a powerful force field, was the last fragment of humanity. So says the 17 -year-old Ayato Camino, Tokyo student, senior, as he believes, a normal life.This life comes to an end with the breakthrough of the force field and a touch of strange fighters who oppose even stranger fighting machines. In the ensuing turmoil Ayato encounters with a young woman Haruka sieve, to which immediately feels a strange attraction... That`s fate in the form of Haruki Ayato leads to God-like creature named Ra- Zephon,the mysterious giant, which can be called a robot, but you can - tool configuration of the universe. With the help of the Camino as chicken hatch out of the shell of ignorance and begins to search for his true place in the world. The main themes of this magnificent anime, heavily mixed with the traditions of the genre fur, ancient history, philosophy and mysticism - Timelove and music!

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