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R-15 [OVA]

Image for anime mult R-15 [OVA]

Year: 2011

Genre: shounen, romance, comedy

Type: ova

Producer: Nawa Munenori

Autor: Fushimi Hiroyuki

Studio: Aic

Time: 30 min

Description of R-15 [OVA]

The elite academy "Illumination", as the name implies, only accept geniuses. In contrast to the classical,founders of little concern questions of morality, and thus a new type of school boys and girls are taking, especially talented in everything - from music and art to the murderous inventions and black PR. 15-year-old Takechi Akutagawa too much talent - in writing pornographic novels! While in high school kid could still be encrypted,then the geniuses Academy murder will not hide and a great respect for these abilities, to put it bluntly, not earn. But you can do is open, and only brother-in-law relative sees from afar So it was that with Takechi generally are recognized (or rather, properly used) girls are far from bright ideals - a cynic photographer Raika,President of the club of journalism sadistka- "princess" Kurumi, as well as baby-crazy scientist Tsukur. And who still need unremarkable sniveller completely fits into the definition of "normal Japanese schoolboy?" But the hero want big and pure love, for example, by the angelic clarinetist Fukune! Well, the good cheer, the young creatorJust not much confuse imagination with reality!

Images and photos of R-15 [OVA]

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