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Queen`s Blade OVA-2

Image for anime mult Queen`s Blade OVA-2

Year: 2012

Genre: comedy, fight, shounen

Type: ova

Producer: Kageyama Shigenori

Autor: Kigami Yoshiji

Studio: Arms

Time: 20 min

Description of Queen`s Blade OVA-2

Continued TV - series about the adventures of a warrior in a fantasy world. Queen`s Blade, a contest where the queen of the continent is determined every 4 years. In the last match after fierce battles, great warrior toppled diabolical queen Aldor.New Lady Claudette became the mistress of lightning. She granted equal rights to residents, the city flourished, art evolved, so the people at the new ruler schastlivo.No lived at the same time, she destroyed the provincial nobility, gradually becoming a tyrant. In the kingdom reigned terrible and merciless orders.This unprecedented tales of a great warrior, who fought in the name of their beliefs. whether it will be able to throw the Queen of lightning? Only the battle will judge them..

Images and photos of Queen`s Blade OVA-2

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