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Pretty Rhythm: Aurora Dream

Image for anime mult Pretty Rhythm: Aurora Dream

Year: 2011

Genre: shoujo, comedy, music

Type: tv_series

Producer: Hishida Masakazu

Autor: Sakyou Jun

Studio: Bridge|tatsunoko

Time: 25 min

Description of Pretty Rhythm: Aurora Dream

In the near future the main factory of young Japanese idols become " Prism Show" - a combination of song, dance,figure skating and youth fashion. Schoolgirls from across the country jealous of its main star Takamine Mion and crowds precipitated recruitment agencies. But one evening the boys, bunnies already warmed up the audience and capricious Mion had disappeared somewhere. Just because the show must go on, and June, the assistant boss,He puts on the scene the two girls from the street - nice, but awkward Ira and collected, purposeful Risum. Who`s surprised that in the pop firmament new stars lit? A girl born to the beautiful clothes, bright makeup, singing and dancing - these are some simple commandments pop culture. Although in the world of showbusiness increasingly decides machinery - upstairs is still not break without the talent and personality. For example, Mion - a model of God in Ira impeccable taste and Risum, of course, a born dancer. Now the heroine need to grow as artists and personalities, and through the competition, grief and joy will decide who deserves to become the Queen of Prism. Yes,from any Cinderella queen can do. But you first become even Cinderella!

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