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Please Twins!

Image for anime mult Please Twins!

Year: 2003

Genre: comedy, drama, romance

Type: tv_series

Producer: Ide Yasunori

Autor: Ide Yasunori

Studio: Doumu

Time: min

Description of Please Twins!

Kamisiro Mike grew up in a shelter because 16 years had the character of an independent and closed,which contribute much to the way of earnings - programming at home. His family he did not know, only the memory of childhood was an old photo with some girl on the background of a small house in the countryside. Hoping to revive memories, Mike found the same house in Nagano Prefecture,I bought it cheaply and stayed there for a couple with a computer. I did not think the guy that one day on the doorstep encounter just two girls who share with him three things - the same eye color, same old picture and the desire to understand, who is a relative of someone? Understand decided antiquated method,and Mike is allowed to both female guests to stay with him. Just do not write in programming textbooks, the consequences of the combination of these primes. Very soon the question arose in another - whose love for the reliable and taciturn master of the house is destined to remain a sister,and whose pass these boundaries? First, energetic Mina and fragile Karen decided to play fair and even entered into a "Union of Love", but then nature took her anyway. Well, finally understand the basic question of the heroes of the series helped not only the wonders of science as honesty, generosity, and, of course,help friends - especially our old friends on the series "Please Teacher!".

Images and photos of Please Twins!

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