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Please Teacher! OVA

Image for anime mult Please Teacher! OVA

Year: 2002

Genre: harem, romance, comedy

Type: ova

Producer: Ide Yasunori

Autor: Araki Hirohiko

Studio: Doumu

Time: 21 min

Description of Please Teacher! OVA

Regular Guy Kay is on the lake and dreaming about the future and the vast universe... completely unaware that his ordinary life was already over. Because in that moment, down to the ground alien ship, alien comes out of it... Fleeing from the terrible vision of the guy falls into the lake... The next day, having convinced themselves that,that all this was only a dream, Kay comes to school. In his class mess - Heskey - Chief Bisenov class, arrived with the news that they will have a new teacher of Japanese. Vvloyu fantasize relatively long legs and the size of the bust of the teacher, the boys did not expect to see what they have so long and unnecessarily discussed -Mizuho Kazami, stunning beauty. At Kay petrify another reason - because he learns new teacher yesterday stranger...

Images and photos of Please Teacher! OVA

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